Brilliant lunch!

Yesterday Diane and I had the great pleasure of having lunch at your restaurant.

We enjoyed your Seafood Platter and both of us thought it was the best such platter that we have eaten at any restaurant here in WA; not only was the platter very large containing a marvelous variety of seafood but it was prepared well and served well.

The staff on duty yesterday afternoon (Friday) were skilled and personable and to be comended. 

Tim and Diane Johnson


Brownie Points

The feedback that I have had was excellent, very positive, and unanimously enthusiastic! I think I have secured some brownie points at work for (a) thinking of going to Rotto for lunch and (b) picking the venue…. The service was excellent, our glasses were never empty, and lunch was LOVELY…. The boss is pretty fussy and he was really impressed with his chicken… and the fish was cooked to perfection. I need to know which feta you buy for the restaurant – TO DIE FOR… and the platters for entrée were quite the topic of discussion! We were all impressed with the restaurant itself and the table decorations, so all in all an excellent day…….

Many thanks for being an integral part of the Christmas celebrations for ERS… I will have no hesitation at all in recommending Aristos to any of my friends or work associates headed to Rottnest.

Allyson Corti


Service and food was excellent...

I just thought to drop you an email, our directors had dinner at Aristos Rottnest last Wednesday night and absolutely loved it. We were most impressed with the staff that night, especially since we had not booked and were a group of 12. Service and food was excellent. The staff on roster that night were very accommodating to us and I hope this message reaches them as well.

Leanne Pearce, Executive Assistant


A most successful conference...

Hi Geoff. I am now home again following a most successful conference on Rottnest. I can say without reservation that a major contributor to the success was the great meal you arranged at Aristos. The seafood was fantastic and the staff most friendly and efficient. All in all a 100% result.

I thank you sincerely for your support and ask that you pass my thanks on to Aaron.

Laurie O’Meara


A big THANK YOU...

I have to pass on my absolute delight at how professional you were in organising my function – I asked the Pub and Rottnest Lodge prior to you (weren’t aware Aristos was even over there!!) and hey were rude and unhelpful.You were such a delight to deal with and the night went off a treat – ABSOLUTELY PERFECT – food great, service great and the views great!The cake you made was HUGE and scrumptious – everyone had 2nds and were commenting on it.Such a pleasure dealing with you & a big THANK YOU for your help.

Jennie Olszewski


A Father-Daughter Dinner 

On behalf of all who attended the Father-Daughter Dinner on Saturday November 5th, thank you so very much for a wonderful evening.

All reports were the dinner went very smoothly and the food was fabulous. Your kitchen did such a wonderful job getting out so many serves of the same in such a short period of time. Arranging the event, too, was made simple and easy thanks to your efficient Functions staff. Indeed, of the whole camp, dealing with your restaurant was by far the most pleasurable experience.

Finally, I wish to apologise that a small group of attendees arrived late and requested fresh serves of their dinners. This should not have been expected nor requested. Nonetheless, my husband who attended the event, watched your friendly staff agree quickly to the latecomers' request and the kitchen promptly arranged for a fresh batch of fish and chips. The professionalism was astounding.

Thanking you sincerely,

Angela Allan


Our wedding was absolutely amazing...

You guys exceeded our expectations for our reception!! It looked absolutely beautiful when we got to the restaurant! Thank you to all the wonderful staff for an amazing night! We were very happy with the outcome Ally!

Thanks again Ally for everything.



You worked your butt off

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in making our listener event in Rotto a huge success. You worked your butt off and did everything to ensure it all went smoothly, so thankyou. Please also pass on our thanks to your amazing team who worked nonstop making coffees and serving food for hours! Many Thanks



The way we were enjoying ourselves

This message is for Aristos please and is to pass on the thanks of the Perth Harriettes who dined there on Friday night.

There were 11 of us and would have been readily identifiable by the way we were enjoying ourselves!

We would especially take this opportunity to thank Larry Gauci for the way he treated us when we first inquired about the evening. He allowed those of us there a generous sample of one of the curries and I know I can speak for all the girls when I say how much we enjoyed them when we returned for our evening meal. Larry was delighted that there were so many Harriettes and he helped make our visit to your restaurant a night to remember. He told us you usually close by 7pm, but I did note that we weren't the last to leave when we departed about 9pm.

Once again, our thanks for a great evening and our special thanks to Larry.

Kay Paddick


The friendliest at Rottnest

Just would like to let you know that your staff at Aristos Waterfront Rottnest are the friendliest at Rottnest. Over our stay in Jan & Feb 2012, we enjoyed both dine in and takeaway meals at the restaurant. The food was delicious, but what really made it great was the really friendly and accommodating staff. They definitely leave the competition for dead (Dome, the Pub, the strange internet cafe?!). Well done!

Beck and Daniel