The absolute best!

Dear Aristos Papandroulakis, Carol Jones and the Restaurant Team, As we reflect on the lovely occasion that was our daughters wedding we feel compelled to write to you to thank you once again for your care and professional attention.

We are writing to you all and hope that this letter will be passed on to every one involved with the preparation, organisation and presentation of the event. Aristos Waterfront Rottnest provided a perfect setting for our celebration after a very special ceremony at Bathurst Point. Lara and Sam (Bride and Groom) were blessed with a beautiful sunny autumn day and an unforgettable evening in your restaurant. Our family wedding on Rottnest, so carefully planned, was every thing we wanted it to be, and more.

Both sets of parents were the first to arrive at your wonderful venue and we saw it at its absolute best. Our eyes were on stalks at the fabulous presentation that Carol and her team had achieved. With the still night air, the venue was magical and we can only say you made a wonderful occasion truly memorable. All the staff were wonderful and cheerful, enjoying their work and were very attentive, which made the guests feel welcomed and happy. Special note should go to Laurent, known as Larry to the wedding guests. He provided his own coat to one of the guests who was feeling slightly chilled by the night air.

Aristos you and your organisation should be proud to have such attentive employees. I suspect that Carol has had a hand in the moral of her team and as she is such an empathetic person this follows through to the rest of her staff. The food that you provided was superb. Would you please pass on our sincere thanks to the chef in-charge and his valiant team.

With shows like “Master Chef” we now have a much better understanding of what extreme efforts are involved behind the scene in restaurant kitchens than ever before. The catering team should be congratulated on their efforts. They are a very important part of the proceedings, whilst they are behind the scene (in person) the fruits of their labour are on show for all to see, eat and enjoy. Please once again convey our delight. We were truly impressed with the standard and quality of the food they created.

As Lara’s parents we feel very proud to have been able to provide, with your help, such a special and memorable occasion that will stay in our thoughts for years to come. Just remember that artists of all kinds, be they painters, singers or chefs bring great pleasure to the people they touch. Keep up the excellent work! We will be back for a meal soon, when we are next on Rottnest.

Heather and Derek Carroll





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